Chapter 1: Where it all begins. Digital/ Internet Marketing

Chapter 1

Over the years, the way how consumers and companies interact with one another has developed and reached  a new level. Businesses have found their pathway into the internet world. As of today, we can look up information about anything, buy clothes, watch movies and even order food with just a click of a button! Internet is integrated in our daily activities. We have to thank this all to one briliant man. His name is Tim Berners Lee (see picture below)! Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee is the person to have developed the internet or in other words the world wide web. Honestly, I cannot imagine how a world without the internet!


From the moment of the internet discovery you would hear the phrase ”It’s a small world after all” more frequently than you would have. People from all over the world could now talk with each other from miles away. As this was possible, companies soon started to see an opportunity. Why serve only a number of customers when you can possibly serve the whole world. In order to make this possible; one has to introduce its brand to an unfamiliar audience. What better way than through the internet or in other words Digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the use of digital media to support marketing activities. Its role is to attract, satisfy and retain customers while at the same time creaty brand equity and loyalty. In practice digital marketing means managing the company website and its social media company pages and other.

The internet is perhaps the most efficient and effective tool that companies nowadays have at their disposal. They have the possibility to get a better understanding of its customers’ needs and demands through various medias such as blogs, forums, websites, questionnaires and much much more. In addition, companies now have the possibility to promote their products 24/7 to their audience. Does that not get even better ? Even though this seems to good to be true. Investments and focus must surely put put into this. These are for example having a good working proper website with relevant information, a good IT support as well as properly addressing the right type of target group.

I have noticed that some companies have managed to do this extremely well. For example: the ABN AMRO Bank has its own website where you can click on a link where it directs you the reffered information depending which type of client you are at the bank. This is very useful as some information are relevant and others not for certain types of clients. As a client of ABN AMRO Bank, I find this very useful. I don’t get confused !

Another good example is E-bay ! There are different tabs to go to if you want to either sell or buy a laptop. This makes it pleasant for the user. In other words…when deciding to make use of digital marketing you must remember to have a few simple rules….actually just 2 ! These are: 1) Medium must be user friendly 2) The intended message must reach the right target group.

This blog will be very useful for anyone interested in Digital marketing. It gives you the essentials how to develop a good internet marketing strategy. Examples will also be given aside from the opinions. Aside from the above mentioned, this blog is also very fun and interesting to read as we will share useful relevant information, our opinion and many other fun things that we think that you might find awesome ! Concluding on the first blog of chapter 1, I can say that modern day technologies have had a positive impact on us and I hope this develops even more in the future. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us !





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