Digital marketing strategy

Strategy: “A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem”.

All companies have in some way or another a marketing strategy. And most of these companies are also present on social media and other digital environments. This doesn’t mean all these companies have a digital marketing strategy. Half off the digital marketing is without a set goal or strategy and advertisement benefits are gained on ad hoc bases. The figure below shows the results of a study conducted by Smart Insights.

Digital Marketing Strategy 2015

Why have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy?

Over the last decade the influence of the digital world is increasing exponentially. This also means working with the channel becomes more complicated. For the benefit of the organization and the marketing department it is vital to set SMART goals and integrated the companies values in a strategy. There is also a need for certain performance indicators, when is your strategies successful?

“To survive it is vital to have a strong digital footprint”(Forbes,2014)

How to structure the digital marketing strategy?

I Set Goals

You may want to increase sales, increase brand awareness or get ahead of the competition. Whatever the case may be it is wise to set clear goals.

II Competitor analysis

How well are you doing in comparison to your competitors? How are businesses in the same market tackling the online marketing and what is the best practise.

III Objective setting

Very specific (SMART) objectives to give clear direction and commercial targets (KPI’s). This will help managing and analysing your digital marketing.

IV Who and Where is your Audience

Nowadays there a lot of techniques to find information of your customers or potential customers. On which internet platforms are your customers active? Which type of ads are best for your customers? How does your message needs to be formed based on customer needs and preferences? Also when Big Data is used it would be wise to create segments and personas.

V Digital tactics 

How are you going to reach your set goals and objectives? Which digital markting activities are you going to perform?




Useful videos on digital marketing strategies


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