Project for RooBar (Proposal and plan of execution)

In an attempt to get a better understanding of the course Internet/ Digital Marketing; a project was assigned to us. The purpose and aim of this project is to critically analyse Roo’Bar’s strategies for localisation of their online presence (via the website).

In order to work as effective and efficient as possible, a proposal plan has been put together. Below you will find more information about the project.



                                                             Internet Marketing Group C                                                            Team members:

Steven ; Jan; Alfonso; Chia; Daan; Wendy

Main contact person: Daan

Purpose and aims of the project:

The purpose and aim of this project is to critically analyse Roo’Bar’s strategies for localisation of their online presence (via the website). RooBar wants to be marketleader and make high turnovers in the operating industry instead of making revenues in multiple countries.  

The company sells their products internationally but does not have offices outside of Bulgaria. In order to expose their brands to a wide audience, RooBar uses the digital world to achieve this. The purpose of this project is to analyse their online presence strategies on the internet to see if their are oportunity for optimization.


Roo’Bar is an international operating distribution and production company with its headquarters situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company was founded from the quest of Anita Klasanova, co-founder and chief technologist, as she was looking for a healthy alternative snack for her and her children. Together with her husband, Kalin Klasanov, she created a nutricious and healthy bar which they started selling in their own organic store. Inspired to share their creation with the rest of the world, the couple joined forces with Yani Dragov, co-founder and CEO, the founder of the biggest organic food distributor in Bulgaria.

As of today Roo’Bar is the European market leader in the organic raw food bar category with close to 1 million bars sold every month, reaching 46 countries on four continents and still growing (Roo’Bar, 2015).

To localize RooBar’s online presence, the firm must adapt the services to meet the needs of a language, culture or the target group’s “look-and-feel” (TechTarget, 2015).

Roo’Bar’s website is available in four different languages, being Bulgarian, German, Dutch and English. Furthermore, the firm is present on several social digital media channels. These are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Project structure: 

The main research question of the project is to critically analyze the online presence strategies of localisation of RooBar.

Plan of execution:

Analyze purpose of using a specific platform. Why does RooBar want to promote their brand on facebook etc? What types of clients are these?

Observe. In this part, we try to anaylze how accesible this source is for consumers to reach RooBar.

Research. Analyze the contents and layout that are being posted on the platform.

Analyze consumer response. By analysing the response of the consumer we are able to gain insight in the engagement of its target group.


This approach will be used in all the platforms that RooBar is active on the internet.          In addition, we will briefly analyze similar companies to that of RooBar to see which strategies they are using. By doing this, we get a better understanding how the competitors as well as how the industry and consumers behave.

After going through all this, we will give a recommendation on how RooBar can optimize and benefit from the findings.


  • Digital Marketing, Strategy, Implementation and Practice by Dave Chaffey and Fiona Ellis- Chadwick (5th edition).
  • Roo’Bar. (2015). Company. Retrieved March 6, 2016, from Roo’Bar:
  • TechTarget (2015). localization. Retrieved March 8, 2016, from TechTarget:
  • Further resources will be used but generally a majority of the literature will be retrieved from the above mentioned.

Team roles: (3): RooBar’s website is the most advanced platform the company uses. More information can be found on their website compared to other platforms.
For this reason, we believe that more focus should be put to this digital medium. This task will be executed by Steven, Wendy, and

Facebook and Instagram: Instagram is the most popular social platform and therefore more focus will be put on this. This will be the responsibility of Jan & Chia.

Pinterest and Twitter (1):



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