Project Lay-out

“A critical analysis of Roo’Bar strategies of localisation of their online presence.

1. Introduction

2. What is Roo’bar and what are their goals?

Introduction of the company Roo’bar, the companies values and their goals. Generate a SWOT-analysis and a Confrontation Matrix. 5 S’s objectives.

3. What is localization?

A literature study of localization via website, website design and website personalization.

4. Determine Market & customers

Which strategic markets is the project group going to target for the critical analysis (based on video). Who are the customers in these markets. (3 or 4 strategic markets)(Germany/Scandinavia)(STOP&SIT model)

5. What is Roo’bar current image in these strategic markets?

An analysis of Roo’bars current image based on website views, key phrases and web design. What is Their Online Value Proposition? (the way-back machine)

6. Who are Roo’bars competitors in these strategic markets?

An analysis of Roo’bars competitors web presence? (1 or 2 per strategic market)

7. What is, based on previous research questions, an ideal state of Roo’bars web presence & localization?

Based on the customers, strategic market, literature study and competitors web presence. What improvements can be made on Roo’bars web presence and localization. (marketing mix 8 P’s)( Communication mix, Contact plan, Content plan)

8. Conclusion & Recommendations 

9. Summary





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