4. Determining Markets & customers to look at

In this section, we will analyze the customers of Roo’Bar. Through target segmentation and looking at the target groups; we get a better undersanding of RooBar’s business model. We also can get a better understanding of the revenue model of the company. In addition to this, we will look at the various markets in which Roo’Bar is currently active and look at what there strategies in these types of markets are.


From the interview, we can understand that Roo’Bar is a Bulgarian company that have been very succesful with the sales of their organic enery bar. Having started in Bulgaria 5 years back; Roo’Bar is now offering its products in many European countries (45). These include Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and many more.

They produce the prodcuts in the country itself. The bars consisting exclusively of raw, organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients. Some ingredients are more difficult to come by and it is for this reason that Roo’Bar imports some of this from countries such as SA and Tunisia.

Roo’Bar main goal is to deliver organic snacks to consumers who want to live a healthy lifestyle. They understand it is very difficult to find a nutricious and at the same time organic product at a shop. The product has become popular among atlethes due to not having preserved ingredients and at the same time give them energy to power their day.

RooBar Logo

Even though Roo’Bar is operating in various countries; they would preferably see high units of sales some countries instead of small units of sales in multiple countries. They believe this way the brand can have a high market share. Therefore it can be concluded that at the present moment; RooBar’s current strategy is to expose its brands in as many countries as possible. They would like to shift this into mass sales in some countries only in order for the brand to be well known among households.

We are going to anaylze the strategies of Roo’Bars in 3 countries in which they are operating as well as there customers in these countries. We believe that Germany is going to be one of this as it is one of the biggest distributors of Roo’Bar. The company does many businesses with Germany and therefore this country should be taken into consideration. Most of their revenues are generated in Germany. Germany is the wealthiest country in Europe when looking at GDP according to the International Monetary Fund. In addition to this, it is also the most populous state in the European Union and most migration destination in Europe.

GermanyTheNetherlands Bulgaria

Since we are in the Netherlands, we believe we can observe and make our analysis even more realistic if the Netherlands is being looked at. We can look at the behaviours of the consumers as well as look at how the product is being marketed and perceived.

Roo’Bar does not have offices outside of Bulgaria. They export their products to distributors who then sell their products. Therefore in order to know the business model of Roo’Bar best and see how this has triggered the owners into expanding we believe that Bulgaria should also be taken into consideration.




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