Implementation of RooBar / Internal analysis


  • Implementation of RooBar / Internal analysis deadline 8 April

Responsibilities: Steven, Chia, Alfonso and Daan

Analysis RooBar website. How far/in what way is the website localised now? (looking
at criteria given in chapter 2: localisation)



In this chapter, an analysis how RooBar is localising its website to the Dutch Market is going to be analyzed. Literatures from the previous chapter are applied and used in this section of the report.

3.2. Language

When looking at the website of RooBar; it can be said that the website is well developed in terms of translation. It offers a variety of up to 4 languages. This makes it user-friendly for anyone to be able to understand what is written on their webpage.


As part of the project, we will be looking at the Dutch market and therefore will look at different factors that determine consumers buying behaviour. The website offers the possibility to convert all the information that is written on the webpage to be converted in the native language of the country which is Dutch. This can be very convenient for dutch born households. The Netherlands is a very international country where many citizens live with different nationalities due to its high involvement in international trade with other countries. RooBar has taken this into consideration and in order to still attract these types of customer; RooBar offers these households to still visit the english version of their website. According to the Etnologue report, it is the third most spoken language in the world. (

Bringing over the information to the dutch market will therefore not be a nuisance as this has been taken into consideration by the RooBar team. In addition about 90% of the population are able to communicate in English according to the European Commission report of 2012.(

Furtermore, this aspect will also not be a problem for the the young population as english is a mandatory class in the education system of the Netherlands. (

3.3. Domain Name System 


The Domain Name System that has been used for the website of RooBar is ‘’.com’’. It is one of the most frequent used first-level-domain nowadays. From a psychological point of view; most households expect top brands to have such a domain name for their website. Companies in the Netherlands use ‘’.nl’ in the Netherlands but do not mind using ‘’.com’’. By having this, it gives RooBar an advantage as this would give the consumers the impression that the company is large in its operating market. When switching to the Dutch version, there does not seem to be any error occuring. The website translates everything very quickly which makes it very pleasant for the user. There does not arise any conflicting and disturbing contents that hinders or insult the dutch culture. Competitors such as Twix have seperate websites for the Dutch market.

3.4. Legal certified

From the legal point of view; RooBar has the ncessary and appropriate certificates to be able to distribute its product in the Netherlands. Additionally, the organization complies with the European regulations and therefore can sell in whole of Europe. This information is noted on their website where the consumer.

RooBar is a very transparant company. They publish every Transparancyinformation except financial data to the public. These are for example legal documents such as certifications, company team information as well product recipe ingredients. In some cases; RooBar even offers consumers the possibility to download their certifications as proof that they have complied with the regulations. Dutch people like transparancy and it can work at the benefit of the company as other companies such as Twix bars does not do this. 


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