4. Customer Analysis


4. Customer analysis (Identify 2 strategic segments)

*1 from your own age group and another from the ages 40 years and up.*



In order to better serve its customers in the Netherlands, a customer analysis has been  conducted. This chapter focuses and analyzes the various types of customer Roo’Bar currently serves and tries to establish the perfect target group to reach in the Dutch market. Furthermore questionnaires/ interviews with the desired target groups will be conducted to get a better understanding of consumer behavior.

From the video interview and website of Roo’Bar we can assume based on the information published on that Roo’Bar wishes to create the perfect alternative healthy snack for any consumer that wants to live a healthy lifestyle. It is friendly in terms that the product complies with all food regulation and can be consumed by every type of consumers with various dietary needs. From lacto and gluten intolerance to vegetarians and vegan households. In addition to this the ingredients are all natural wheras production are all of the highest quality standards to deliver the best taste experience for consumers.

Furthermore athletes, hikers,climbers or anyone with a dynamic lifestyle benefits from the wholesome bar as this unleashes your inner superhero. The company has countless athlete superheroes who enjoys Roo’Bar. These are all visible on their website and range from Domen Kastelic to Boyan Petrov.

Roo’Bar sells protein bars and therefore operates in the protein bar food industry. In addition to this Roo’Bar also is an organic product as the ingredients are all natural and therefore also operates in the organic products industry. Based on Euromonitor reports; the dutch market to sell Roo’Bar is very favourable. Sales in snack bars in the Netherlands has been in 2014 50.6 million euros while in the year 2013 this amount was 48.4 million euros which is equivalent to an increase of 5.6%.  Furthermore sales in naturally healthy food have increased to 3.4% while for the organic food industry this reached a 9.1.% increase in 2014. All of this shows that there  growing trends towards a healthier lifestyle among the dutch households. An analysis also shows that dutch people would preferably purchase private labels consumer goods as these believe deliver more value. (source: Euromonitor Health and Wellness in the Netherlands report in the Netherlands).

Specifit target group:

human life cyclecustomers

The social significance of sports is deeply in the Netherlands. According to the Dutch Olympic Committee, about 69% of the population partipates in sports activities at least 12 times yearly  while 55% participates on a weekly basis. Younger generations such as young adults and middle youth are more involved in sports and fitness from all the other generation groups in the Netherlands. Aside from the mide-lifers (aged 45-59), the young adults (18-29) and middle youth (aged 30-44) are the most populated age group in the Netherlands standing at 3,197 and 2,527 (,000) respectively as of 2015.

As these 2 groups happen to also be the most involved and associated group in sports and fitness activities in the Netherlands, we have decided to further do research on these of potential customers. Young adults according to Euromonitor are also the most loyal group of the population to their brand and this would be a good opportunity as Roo’Bar would like to establish its brand within the operating market. Roo’Bar would like to increase its share market in the market that it is operating and by better serving and understanding these potential customers Roo’Bar can achieve this target. Peer-to-peer recommendations and word-of-mouth are one of the most effective marketing tools within this populations group. (Source: Euromonitor Consumer Lifestyles inthe Netherlands).


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