How can we get the permission of the customer’s data?

Permission Marketing

Permission marketing is a term coined by Seth Godin. He defines it as anticipated, relevant and personal (and timely). Permission marketing consists in the costumer agree to be involved in an organisation’s marketing activities, usually as a result of an incentive

In the following picture we can see a summary of a common, effective process for permission-based online relationship building to support engagement through the different stages of the customer lifecycle




The stages are:

Step 1)     Attract customers to website, partner microsite or social presence such as Facebook

Step 2a)    Incentivise in order to gain contact and profile information

Step 2b)      Capture customer information to maintain the relationship and profile the customer. It is important to design these forms to maximise their completion.

The most important factors are:

  • Branding to reassure the customer
  • Key profile fields to capture information to segment the costumer.
  • Mandatory fields
  • Privacy
  • Be simple
  • Explain the benefits of these data to the customers
  • Validation

Step 3)     Maintain dialogue through using online communications to achieve repeat site visits. That dialogue can be by

  • Sending an e-mail to the customer which is tailored based on the customers’ disclosed profile information
  • Displaying specific personalize information on the website
  • Using a social network to deliver content to the customer. That information can be personalize thanks to the linked with the email

Step 4)       Maintain dialogue consistent with customer’s profile using email, social media messaging or where cost effective, direct mail or outbound phone contact

The permission marketing have grown a lot thanks to social media marketing. Nowadays, the companies have a relation with their customer more complete by social network where opt in liking a brand on Facebook, following on Twitter or Instagram.


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